Tata Steel along with Association Sacred Heart Alumni (ASHA), launches capacity building programe on counselling skills for educators, empowering them to deal effectively with adolescent issues.

A Training Programme On Counselling Skills, was inaugurated by Mr. Sunil Bhaskaran, VP Corporate Services, Tata Steel, Mrs. Ruchi Narendran, wife of Tata Steel MD, Mr. Narendran and Mrs. Deepali Misra, President ASHA and other ASHA members, at the Centre of Excellence on Saturday 3 May, 2014.


Present day’s need for developing counselling skills amongst the teachers so that they are empowered to deal effectively with adolescent issues. To train the teachers to pick up early signs of stress in the students and to sensitise other teachers and parents as well.


The alarming rate of suicides in our city of Jamshedpur has been a serious cause of concern for Jamshedpur citizens. Helping the youth to handle their emotions and manage their lives effectively in this fiercely competitive world, which is increasingly leading them to ‘choose the noose’ as a solution; is the dire need to counsel the youngsters.

Mrs. Ruchi Narendran, Chairperson, Safety Awareness for Everyone (SAFE) and Mrs. Deepali Misra, President, ASHA, have spearheaded this drive to support the cause.


40 candidates from 24 schools across the city were shortlisted by ASHA after a detailed selection process of psychometric test for the counselling training which started on May 3, 2014.

The training will be imparted by an organisation named Umeed, a positive living initiative, in the East, well known for providing counselling services.

  • Hours of training: 65 to 70 hours, spread over 6 modules.
  • Format of training: workshop, with 5 case studies.
  • Mode of training: supervised interventions, role plays and experiential learning.
  • End of the training: viva and written test of the teachers and feedback.

Benefits of counselling training:

  1. Building a support system & providing counselling to the youth.
  2. Add to the efforts of ‘Jeevan’ – a helpline service.
  3. Strengthening ASHA’s efforts in providing counselling in the premises of Sacred Heart Convent School.
  4. Spreading the network of ASHA‘s activities across Jamshedpur.