The Strength Stays With Me Today

I still shudder when I recollect the terror,
That had trembled my being with fear;
When the punishment called “school” had hit my ears
And bathed my eyes in hurt questioning tears;
Because the conviction assured me that 1 was to be disowned from my family tree.

But then as I entered the premises of this new place,
Suddenly peace seemed to take me in its embrace;
All my inhibitions were dispelled, as I could feel immense
Unbound love wanting to heal,
All my bruises, all my pain;
And paint my life’s window with a motherly tint.

Since then I’ve travelled many a way,
In life’s road where hurdles had tried to sway
Me into becoming weak by falling prey,
But my alma mater’s strength had stayed
and stays with me even today.

Smita Ghatak, Ex-Student, 2003

As published in the Sacred Heart Convent School Diamond Jubilee Souvenir, 2005