Fourteen years of our lives have passed by, within the holy portals of Sacred Heart Convent School and the seed of the Apostolic Carmel, which was then sown in our hearts, is still alive within each one of us. We still remember the day, when with tears welling up in our eyes we had taken our first step into the family of Convent, of which we still long to be a part. Today as we have all moved into different directions, we still carry with ourselves the teachings and inspirations of our school, owing to which we can meet all the challenges of the future with optimistic faith.

“We may be out of Convent but Convent will never be out of us.” A sense of nostalgia and loss fills our hearts as we look back upon our school days. We still take pride on having answered innumerable open book tests, on eating tiffin in midst of those long enduring classes, on having successfully mimicked nearly all our teachers and of course on bunking classes.

We will always be grateful to our Principal and teachers for bearing with our entire nuisance. We are confident that it is only their efforts towards our all round development that today we can fulfill our rightful role in the society. We wish from the core of our heart that Sacred Heart Convent School achieves greater heights of success in future and we in our very small way will continue to bring laurels to our school, no matter where we are and where we may be.

“Those late night studies, those midnight tears,
Those endless calls, those long chats,
Those birthday bumps, those old torn jeans,
Those pinches and slaps. those crushes on boys,
Those getting kicked out of classes, those struggle for marks,
Those writing on desks, those fights with teachers,
Those tears of love…
Just everything...
That is school life!!
We call it HEAVEN and we miss it!!”

Anindita Rakshit, Shraddha Mehta
Hiral Shah, Ex-Students (2005 Batch)

As published in the Sacred Heart Convent School Diamond Jubilee Souvenir, 2005