Thank You! These are two words which today best describe my feelings towards my Alma mater, Sacred Heart Convent School. It was decades ago that I entered these hallowed portals as a student. I knew then that I was lucky to receive education from this institution but today I feel probably the luckiest to have been bestowed this opportunity to both receive education from this school as well as render service to this school as a teacher. I had joined this school as a teacher when Sister Norella was the head of the institution in 1986. Since then it has been a pleasant experience for me to work with all the sisters to this day. The morals and values that my school has imparted to me have proved to be my life’s foundation. The steps of this staircase called S.H.C.S. have taught me not only to walk, to climb, but have also taught me to rise with each fall and most importantly rise with humility.

Be it the self control bell that I faced everyday at school, the assemblies, class room cleaning, the jungle gym or the merry-go-ground, it is Sacred Heart and each and every aspect of it that has taught me everything; discipline, team work, honesty, benevolence, the list is endless. Today I am a teacher, but even now I relive my student life every single day through one of my greatest inspirations-my students. I laugh with them, chuckle at their innocent pranks and I get sad in their sorrows simply because somewhere in my heart I am still a learner, a student, a child of this great institution.

The school has given me my family and friends in the form of my colleagues and the sisters who work here. The warmth and the support that one gets from them is priceless. The sense of belonging that they so kindly give to me is immeasurable. S,H.C.S. for me is not just a place where I teach but it is my second home; for I have spent the majority of my days in these loved portals. Sacred Heart is like a balm which soothes me instantaneously because I know that everyday when I enter this institution nothing but smiles, happiness, love and prayers await me. Be it the picnics with my students and colleagues or the mollifying prayers and masses offered by the sisters with such pure hearts, every incident in this school gives a new meaning to my life and adds freshness to it.

Sacred Heart for me is like a jewel box, more like a treasure, which gives to me everyday my life’s greatest strength – knowledge. Each and everyday in this school is a learning experience, be it learning from my ever so hardworking didis and bahadurjis. One thing that I know for sure today is that as long as I am a part of this institution I will never be alone, simply because I will always have a second home, a family to fall back on, This school is my life and all that I can say to the Lord is just two simple words - THANK YOU!

Saheli Bagchi

As published in the Sacred Heart Convent School Diamond Jubilee Souvenir, 2005