ASHA's focuses on the ex-students of SHCS, the School and the surrounding community

From ASHA President’s Desk

Last couple of years ASHA Committee members have put in selfless service and worked towards progress. A number of Activities and Donations have resulted in reaching out to the needy students and organisations needing help.

ASHA Activities since inception till 2017:

  • Counselling sessions for students under stress
  • Scholarships to the poor students
  • Raising funds for the needy students
  • Promoting Project Schools
  • Entertainment programs
  • Summer Camps / Monsoon camps
  • Donations to some organisations

We need to build our organisation, that aims to engage rather than just generate operational revenue. It will be our endeavour to have our alumnae engage with us, because Alumnae relationship is like a marriage. Expectation should be, that it must last a lifetime. For this, both sides must contribute. Relationship must grow over time.

If there is little or no value in the relationship, members will feel used and neglected and can end up in separation.

Alumnae seeks meaningful relationships. Lets think beyond Philanthropic support. Alumni organisations need to position themselves as portals between Alumni and Alma mater.

Our Challenges:

  • Involvement of Alumnae
  • Communication at National and International front
  • Members rendering Honorary service
  • Sufficient funds to employ Office Bearers
  • Leveraging network for Professional Growth

2017 Vision of ASHA is:

  • Build and manage an Alumnae database
  • Involve Alumnae in Student Development
  • Identify and showcase Alumnae Achievers
  • Manage Newsletters.
  • Manage Emails, and Mobile Apps
  • Help Alumnae share opportunities and leverage the network
  • Share job and business opportunities
  • Create value centric relationships with our alumnae

ASHA Committee 20017-19

Patron-in-Chief Sr. Mridula
President Manjeet Kaur Marwa
Vice-President Reena Hazra
Secretary Sumita Singh
Treasurer Mahrook Mehta
School Co-ordinator G Lalita
Members Deepali Misra
Sushma Chaturvedi
Neera Nandwani
Rachel Bonnerjee
Nargis Madan
Rajni Shekhar
Sunita Singh
Sumita Ghosh

From left to right - Mahrookh Mehta. Reena Hazra. Sister Marie Eugene. Principal Sister Mridula. Manjeet Marwa. Sumita Singh. Committee members of ASHA

Monson Camp

Monson Camp was organised for Students of Sacred Heart Convent from Class III to Class VI.

A total of 48 students were enrolled. The camp was initially scheduled for two days,Saturday and Sunday 26th and 27th of August. However due to some exigencies,the Camp was finally held only for a day, on Sunday 27th August from 9am to 5 pm.

Five Resource Persons were called for the conducting workshops. Various forms of Skills, Artistic skills, were learnt by the students. They learnt how to make Birthday Greetings Cards. They learnt the art of making decorative Paper flowers with waste materials. They learnt the steps of ‘contemporary dance ‘ and finally dancing to Bollywood music. One of our alumnae working for Jusco spread awareness among the children the importance of being a Jimmedar Nagrik, and be responsible for Jimmedar Shahar. Finally the students learnt the concepts of Newspapers eg. Scoop, Columns, Headlines etc.They learnt to create their own Newspaper.

The activities were enjoyed by all. At the end, all the creative work of the students was put on display for the parents to see.


This event was held on 16th September 2017,in the Hall on the second floor of the Primary Block. This program is held for the Project Schools ( Schools for the underprivileged children ) There were 19 participants from each of the 13 Project Schools. In all a total of247 children belonging to poor socio-economic background, some being differently abled deaf and dumb had participated.

Competitions were held in Group song, Group Dance, Solo dance, Rangoli, Mehndi and Poster making. Childrens’ enthusiasm, interest and involvement was noteworthy. There was a lot of entertainment for the audience. Rangoli showcased the floral designs on bird and flowers. Poster making competition on the theme ‘Nature ‘ depicted the artistic skills. So did the intricate Mehndi designs.

Overall Championship of Udaan went to ‘Carmel Bal Vihar, Sonari and was shared with Kerala Public School Kadma.

Udaan provides a platform to the underprivileged students to come together and showcase their talents while competing in inter school event.

Prizes and Certificates for Udaan will be awarded to the winners on International Girl Child day.