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Gallery: Monsoon Camp 2017

ASHA Monsoon Camp for the Primary students of SHCS. A one-day workshop for 48 students Class VI to Class X attended this camp in the School Primary Hall on Sunday, 27th August 2017 (9 am to 5 pm).The camp had activities like contemporary dance, hand crafted cards, newspaper scoop, best out of waste.

  1. Making Greeting Cards: This was demonstrated by Preeti Kedia Meghani. This Activity involved combination of different techniques, like sketching, pasting, designing,using water colour, paper glued with fabric prints on hand made paper.
  2. Best out of Waste: This training was given by Sunanda Sinha. Students learnt to make paper flowers using tissue paper and making bouquets using wire strips, ribbons.
  3. Zimmedar nagrik, Zimmedar Shahar talk given by Sukanya Das: This was part of JUSCO drive, teaching the students to conserve water by making sure that the taps are closed properly, conserving electricity electricity, conserving water ,segregating organic waste from inorganic waste.
  4. Newspaper Scoop by Shauwick, a Creative director: Students learnt the novelties of a Newspaper. They edited their own Newspaper, gave it a caption, wrote head lines, pasted clippings of news items along with the images.
  5. Contemporary dance: Students learnt some steps and danced under the guidance of the Choreographer. The show was organised by Rupali Khale.