ASHA's focuses on the ex-students of SHCS, the School and the surrounding community

Gallery: Summer Camp 2008

During one of the committee meetings of ASHA it was decided to organize a summer camp for the students of SHS of classes 4-6 from 14-17 May 2007.The aim to organize such a camp was to give our children an exciting, creative and educative experience.

Activities during the camp included Yoga, meditation, table-manners, crafts, puzzles, crosswords, cooking and fun games. Experts in their fields like Mr. Sarvesh Khanna, Mrs. Tara Dhar were invited to conduct the sessions.

On the concluding day the children were taken for an industrial tour to the Ice cream and Coke factory. Nearly 130 students participated in the 4 day camp. ASHA received a lot of appreciation from the management, faculty and parents.