ASHA's focuses on the ex-students of SHCS, the School and the surrounding community

AGM 2018


AGM of the Association was held on Saturday 21 July 2018. On behalf of ASHA, the President welcomed Sister Superior VALSA who has joined Sacred Heart Convent as Primary Head this year. Sister Mridula, School Principal and Sister Asha were also presented bouquets.

Highlights of The Report

Thereafter, President, Manjeet Marwa, Secretary Sumita Singh and Accountant Mahrookh Mehta presented the Association reports.

Counsellors Rachel Bonerjee and Sita Gupta read their reports on the Counselling sessions taken by them during last year.

Donations had been given to the Missionaries of Charity and Meher Bai Cancer hospital. The amount has been increased to Rs 5000 each.

Scholarships amounting to Rs 26,000 were given to two girls, to each of the 13 Project Schools.

Programs like Udaan, International Girl Child Day, Monsoon camp and DJ Nite had been conducted and thoroughly enjoyed by the students & organisers.

The Dress Code for the AGM was shades of blue, most of the ASHA members wore blue coloured dresses.

ASHA felicitated the Rank holders, a new venture of ASHA, started in 2018. First and Second rankholders of Class X and Class XII were awarded. Parents along with the students received the awards. Total of 10 students had been awarded.

ASHA Communication with the alumni is done on Whatsapp .This site had heavy traffic of good will messages, the official communication was getting lost. Hence, ASHA proposed to launch a new portal- ‘ASHA Information’ exclusively for official communication.

ASHA Counsellors visit the Counselling centre on appointment, twice a week. A near drop out student was counselled into getting back into the mainstream. Rachel Bonerjee, Sita Gupta and Eyelene are the three Counsellors engaged in this work. They shared their experiences with the other members.

Involvement of new members in the ASHA Executive Committee was sought. The earlier members are preoccupied and hence, the need to reach out to more number of Alumni members in Jamshedpur. Involvement of new members who can spare their time to conduct various programs was required.

ASHA proposed to start Donations to the Blind Association and Parents Association for the Mentally Handicapped children in Sonari.

Suggestions had also come in to start a tailoring unit for making cloth bags out of discarded clothes. For which there was a need for infrastructure. The present ASHA room is just enough to accommodate not more than 10 members in meetings and Counselling activities. It was proposed to have another bigger room where these activities could be conducted. Two games were also conducted towards the end of the program for fun wherein everyone sang to the old numbers and had plenty of fun.

Finally Lunch was organized for the invitees. Vegetarian and Non vegetarian food was served.

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