ASHA's focuses on the ex-students of SHCS, the School and the surrounding community

An Integrated and Psychodynamic Process to Counselling Skills


ASHA has plans of having a series of Training on Psycho-dynamic Approach to Counselling Skills, an in-depth learning going from one level to the next. This time we had invited those with positive traits of Counselling from the previous Screening Tests. Those who responded took the next level of training.

Educational Institutions have realized that a change in life is inevitable when faced with an aggrieved situation and for that the need of Parenting must be explored and Teachers’ Training need to go beyond the text books, syllabus and examinations. Dr. Sr. Marie Eugene, Superior of Sacred Heart Convent School, a Psychotherapist and Counsellor, kindly consented to be the Resource Person for the sessions. When she speaks to students and parents, the response has been immense. We see the symptoms of the conscious mind, but what lies latent in the subconscious is what needs to be explored to bring about healing. As a preparatory ground work, the 14 participants prepared an extensive Biographical Data Questionnaire (BDQ), the seven levels of values - responding to queries of childhood as far back as one could remember, ones relationships with parents, siblings, teachers, class mates, friends till date. These brought out the Integrated Personality with 3 parameters of social consistent of one’s INCONSISTENT NEEDS, VALUES, UNCONSCIOUS DEFENCES to keep ones self-image, IDENTIFY the Prominent Positive or the Negative Pole of DEVELOPMENTAL CONFLICTS and identify Positive and Negative EMOTIONS which cloud our REALITY TESTING and thus our BEHAVIOUR. Several case studies helped understand the constant personal conflicts and why a person behaves the way one does.

The next sessions helped participants learn the PSYCHOMETRIC Measurements which are a Battery of Tests for skill building without which a Counsellor could be groping in the dark. The Thematic Apperception Test (TAT): helps for analysis, Raven’s Standard Progressive Matrices for IQ, Draw A Person SPED screening Procedure for Emotional Disturbances and Question and Incomplete Sentence Blank to finally draw the conclusion according to the overall Healthy or Unhealthy Individual Personality. The participants applied the tests on themselves, on each other and as Home Work, clients of their own. Each of these was scored by participants and then the Resource Person. Only 7 participants successfully completed the second level of training.

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