ASHA's focuses on the ex-students of SHCS, the School and the surrounding community

President's Report 2018-19


ASHA welcomes you all on the occasion of Annual General Body meeting. We have completed our tenure of two years with the support of all the Committee members, Sumita Singh who never says no despite her commitments at home, Reena Hazra who is there to support our major events, Mahrookh Mehta who manages the bean counting with her vast experience. Most important support from G lalitha ,who coordinates with the school for all our activities and always has her facts and figures ready on her finger tips to help us in our planning. Neera Nandwani is always there for her guidance.

We are now experienced and ready to hand over to the new Committee.

The Core committee of ASHA comprising of 6 members have had meetings every month, discussed all the matters, and collectively taken decisions, with transparency in our dealings based on he tradition laid down by our predecessors.

As like previous years, Donations were given to the Missionaries of Charity and Meher Bai Cancer hospital. The amount has been increased. Our proposal of Donations to the Blind Association and Parents Association for the Mentally Handicapped children in Sonari needs to be taken up in the coming years. Scholarships amounting to Rs 26,000 given to the two girls each, from 13 Project School. Gift vouchers of Rs 1000 each was given to 10 students, toppers of class X class XII.

Monsoon camp was held on 28 and 29 July 2018. Umbrella designing, hairband with fancy designs, comic strips and ramp walk and Contemporary dance kept the girls dancing on their toes. 45 students participated in the workshop.

Udaan was organised on 15 September 2018. Chief Guest was Ranjana Mishra, Director Incharge of Arms and Social Development. Rangoli by the students had a 3D effect deserves special mention. Symmetrical designs were close to perfection.

Girl Child Day was celebrated on 27 October 2018 with the Chief Guest Chandan Kumar SDO as the Chief Guest. DJ Nite drew a large crowd on 21 february 2018 .Almost 850 students turned up with their fancy dresses, dancing away to glory.

Some New Activities were introduced. Shauwick Saha trained the students with new skill of making Cartoons. At the end of half a day workshop a slew of cartoon strips with an interesting Story line, facial expressions, emotions, a message with a tag linen was ready .

Quiz Competition for the Children of Project schools, it was great fun with audio round, visual rounds and video rounds. Deepa suggested, Sunanda helped develop the concept and finally we put it together to make it interesting .

Felicitating the Rank holders is a new venture ASHA started last year, in which the first two rankers of Class X and Class XII were awarded. Parents along with students are invited to receive the awards.

ASHA started a new group - ‘ASHA Information’ Rajdeep Bhatia helped us create this new group on 5 august 2018 exclusively for ASHA updates. Those who are not in this group please get your names added. Henceforth ASHA information will be posted only on the new site. So Please give your names and numbers.

ASHA Counsellors presently are Rachel and Sita Gupta. No of cases are not many. We need to spread the awareness in the community so that those who seek help can avail it.

Starting a tailoring unit for making cloth bags out of discarded clothes is still a distant dream. This can be a very good project for ASHA as cloth bags are in high demand.

ASHA members gathered at the school to bid Farewell to Sister Mridula on 2nd of May 2019. She has moved on to Lohardaga Co-ed school in Jharkhand.

We are pleased to inform that we have computerised all the possible information we had with us. So now we have data from 2013 onwards data classwise. Prior to that all the ex students from Jamshedpur or visiting Jamshedpur have their details with us. With the social media ,we have become well equipped with hardware and software in place we have appointed a girl to reach out to the alumni in all corners.

Now a brief on Platinum Jubilee Celebrations of the school.

We had a meeting in January 2019 attended by 14 members to discuss alumni’s contribution to add to the celebration. The alumni members decided that we would

  • Produce a documentary film on the school
  • Organise a musical nite and arrange
  • Panel Discussion and dinner thereafter.

Dates decided are 13, 14 and 15 December 2019.

House is open for discussion.

Manjeet Marwa

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